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Michelle Thomas Over Under Cora Stafford Gallery Denton, Texas


Over Under is a site specific installation created for Cora Stafford Gallery in Denton, Texas. Responding to the split level of the gallery, this work highlights the middle plane of the gallery. Referring to the pattern on the upstairs flooring, Over Under extends the central level outward into the downstairs space. Additionally, several architectural structures meet this level from below. As a result, viewers were able to interact with the space in a variety of ways: walking on top of, wading through, and moving around the level. Overall this installation heightens awareness of ones surroundings and their body relative to the elements of the space. It is about the energy of the space and the experience of that energy.



Monofilament, Black Paper, Contact Paper, and Wood

Dimensions Variable

Exhibited at Cora Stafford Gallery in Denton, Texas

March 9 - 12, 2015

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