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An experience of space begins with the relationships between elements of an environment and its architecture, but more importantly, the viewer’s increased awareness of their own relationship to those same features. I am interested in how our physical reality can be perceived, and how our internal reality can be affected. I often explore this felt energy by creating immersive, site-specific installations that relate concepts of space to contemporary time. Overall, the combination of two-dimensional and three-dimensional works I create open a dialogue about our lived environment(s).



Michelle Thomas Richardson is a native of Dallas, Texas. She achieved her Master of Fine Arts degree in Drawing and Painting at the University of North Texas after graduating from Louisiana State University with a degree in Studio Art. Richardson is a recent recipient of an artist grant through the Dallas Museum of Art, generously supported by the Arch and Anne Giles Kimbrough Fund; she has also been named a Nasher Microgrant finalist, CADD FUNd finalist, and shortlisted for the prestigious Artpace residency program. Richardson has exhibited nationally from New York to Oklahoma and across Texas. In addition to her studio practice, she currently works as a Public Art Project Manager with the Arts Council of Fort Worth.

Read a recent interview with Shoutout DFW.

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