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Michelle Thomas Mirage Terrain Dallas


Presented with a complex relationship of designated yet seemingly infinite space, Mirage challenges where one space ends and another begins. This interactive installation at Terrain Dallas distorts indoor and outdoor boundaries with elements that extend existing features while also creating alternate planes of space. The combined energy of small moments found on site and in the studio suggest interconnectivity through visual and physical relationships. Incorporating layered components, this installation reflects space with materials such as window screens, colored burlap, and netting. As an outdoor project, natural variables are also considered: sunlight is intended to project through created negative spaces and alter the work hour to hour; planes will retain potential energy and move with the wind to create a work that is constantly in flux. Viewers are invited to participate and explore the interconnectivity of space over a period time as the work constantly shifts each day.

Mixed Media

Dimensions Variable

April 10 - May 8, 2016 

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