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Michelle Thomas Mirage Terrain Dallas


In Play began in response to the large window at Clamp Light Gallery. This multi-piece, audience engaging installation at Clamp Light distorts architectural and other elements, extending existing features while also creating alternate planes of space that work in an individual but holistic way. Incorporating layered components, this installation reflects space with materials such as linen, burlap, Plexiglas, and sand. These layers also act as a tool for spatial consciousness as a viewer moves around, under, or through various parts of the installation. The installation is intended to heighten a viewer’s awareness of his or her surroundings and their constantly shifting relation to the site/the work. The continuous shift of light is intended to project through planes and created negative spaces, altering the work hour to hour. Using the variable of light adds to this experience by allowing the work to breathe as an entity. The physical awareness, the visual discoveries, are intended to lead to a moment of presence in the most unexpected of places. 

Mixed Media

Dimensions Variable

Exhibited at Clamp Light Gallery in San Antonio, Texas

October 14 - November 7, 2016

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